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We offer a range of professional intruder alarm systems, both wired and wireless. 
Wired systems used to be preferred by professional
installers as they were more reliable.
However, modern wireless systems are now so 
advanced that they are the first choice for many people.
Energy saving features mean that battery life is now
measured in years and there is plenty of warning when the
batteries in detectors start to run low.
Wireless systems are much faster to install than wired, as 
the various components of the system communicate by
radio signals, rather than cables.  This also means much
less dissruption as no cables run all over the property.
Smoke, heat and carbon dioxide detectors can be added to
the system to further the level of safety offered.
An intruder alarm is an excellent way to deter potential burglars
and also attract attention if someone does manage to break in.
Even if the system isn't armed, if you hear someone attempting to
or actually breaking in whilst you are at home you can instantly
activate the alarm using a panic button or a remote key fob.
In addition to an alarm system you can ensure that intruders
are detered by having motion activated lighting (good for you
coming home in the dark - bad for a potential burglar) and also 
good quality locks on your doors and windows.  Kent Security and
Electrical can advise you on and install all of these, as well as
access control systems and CCTV.
We can even set your alarm system up to use your home phone line to contact you (and other people who you can nominate as 'keyholders')
when the alarm is activated.
Security lighting is a low-cost way to easily increase
your security.
There are many different styles of light available from 
functional floodlights, shown here, to traditional lanterns
or more modern styles.
A motion detector senses movement and energises the 
light, keepiong the light on for a few minutes (the time 
can be set from around 30 seconds to around 12 minutes).  
The light then goes off.  If further movement is sensed, the
light comes back on.  Simple.
This can be very useful when fitted above your front door
and helps you when looking for keys on a dark night, but its
the last thing an intruder wants when they are trying to find 
a way in unobserved.

As registered electrical contractors, we ensure that the electrical connections to your alarm system are suitable and comply with the current regulations.  The connection will be fully tested and certified at the same time the alarm system is installed.  Most alarm installation companies will require you to arrange for an electrician to install the necessary connections before they visit to install the alarm system - with Kent Security and Electrical it is all part of the service we offer.
Please contact us to arrange for an engineer to visit you to advise on the most appropriate system for you and a no-obligaiton quote.
Kent Security and Electrical install wired and wirless burglar alarms and all types of security equipment in Medway, Maidstone and throughout Kent.
Looking for an electrician, locksmith or alarm installer in Strood, Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham, Maidstone or other area of Kent?  Kent Security and Electrical offer a professional, great-value service - contact us for more information.