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Electrical Rewire

You may be considering getting your house rewired for several reasons.  It may be for safety reasons, the current electrical installation may be very old and you are aware it is not as safe as it could be and you want to update it.  Sometimes having building work done, such an extension or loft conversion provides a good opportunity to have it done or you may be completely renovating an old house  and need the electrics renewing.
There are many victorian houses in the Medway Towns and the state of the electrical installations in them varies tremendously.  Speaking from experience (having worked in many and also living in one), things electrically are not usually quite waht they should be - to say the least!
In many cases the houses have last been rewired many, many years ago and since then all manner of people ('diyers', boiler fitters, handymen, etc) have been adding and tinkering over the years until the current state of the electrics is not pretty.
At best these may result in inconvenience - having too few sockets (probably in the the wrong places) and awkward switches, at worst it can lead to a greater risk of electric shock, house fires and ultimatley fatalities.
Every year in the UK:
  • 12,500 fires in homes are caused by faulty electrics
  • 10 people die and 750 people are seriously injured because of faulty electrics
Having too few sockets might not seem like too much of a problem, but this results in people using more extension cables (and extension cables plugged into extension cables...) and overloading the existing sockets with multiple socket adaptors.  The massivley increases the risk of fire.  The safest way is to have new sockets added by a professional - call us for a no-obligation estimate.

We can arrange to rewire the whole house or just the circuits that need doing with the minimum of fuss and causing you the least inconvenience.  The total cost will depend upon the structure of the house, the size of the house, how many and what type of accessories (sockets, switches, etc) you require and many other factors.  Contact us (7 days a week) and we can arrange to come around and discuss your requirements while inspecting the house.  This (no-obligation) visit should take around 30 minutes and we will  then supply you with a written estimate of the costs which will be valid for 30 days.
After completetion of the work you will receive a report showing our test results for the new installation and a certificate outlining the work completed and its compliance with the building regulations.  Anyone who comlpetes this type of work must do this - it's a legal obligation.
The Electrical Safety Council have more information on safety on their website.