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In addition to installing new alarm systems, Kent Security and Electrical offer a maintanence service.
Even if we didn't originally install the system, we can take care of the servicing and maintanence of it for you.
Wired or wireless, new or old, we can keep your alarm system running and problem free.
Upgrading Old Systems:
It is very common for people to move into a house that has an alarm system fitted and have no idea how it works (if it does at all!) and even no code to operate it.  We can take a look at the system for you and get it up and running.  The chances are that if it hasn't been used for a while it will at least need the backup batteries replaced (this should be done every few years).  We can test the system and reset it for you to give you your own user codes and show you how to use it.
Does the external sounder on your home look like this?
From this....
Kent Security and Electrical offer an upgrading service for older intruder alarm systems.  If you have a rusty old bell box on the outside of your house, any potential burglar knows that the chances are that the rest of the alarm system is going to be rusty and old also.  In fact, there is a good chance that the burglar alarm system isn't ever used.  If this is the case then Kent Security and Electrical can replace the siren with a modern, low profile, polycarbonate (no rust!) one for a reasonable cost.  We can also check over the rest of the system and make sure it is working correctly.  This simple step gives the impression of a complete new system to the potential intruder, looking from the outside.
 To this...
We can also replace and update all other parts of an existing system, including:
  • the control panel 
  • all batteries
  • movement detectors and door sensors
  • remote keypads
  • internal sirens
  • panic buttons
  • integrated smoke/fire alarms.
Kent Security and Electrical can also check over the electrical connections to your alarm system.  Alarm engineers are usually not qualified electricians and whether an alarm system has been installed by a professional or a 'diyer', sometimes the connection from mains power to the control panel isn't as it should be and sometimes, in too many cases, dangerous.

Communicating Alarms:
 Most modern alarm systems come with communication capabilities 'out of the box', or as standard.  This enables the control panel to dial a phone number (or numbers) when the alarm is activated and delivery a recorded message.  Most systems work by having three or four numbers stored and working through the list of numbers until someone acknowledges the alarm.
A stand alone speech dialer is available to fit almost all existing wired alarm systems, see below:
Kent Security and Electrical can fit a stand alone speech dialer to your wired alarm system to enable your burglar alarm to phone you or friends, relatives or neighbours when the alarm is activated.  We offer this and all our other intruder alarm, electrical and locksmith services to customers in Strood, Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham, Maidstone and throughout Kent.  If you want or need an alarm installed or serviced by a registered electrician in Kent then contact us for a free estimate!
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